Radical Self-Love Academy

SELF-LOVE, especially the radical unconditional kind, is one of the keys to living your best life!!

Self-doubt, unworthiness, undeservingness, low self-esteem, anger, resentment, shame, guilt and addictions to food, alcohol or drugs (to name a few) …. are ALL a result of lack of self-love!

To make exciting, new & permanent life changes you really need to decide to take responsibility for your own well-being and make the choice to do the soul work, even when it’s inconvenient and parts of you are resisting the change.

As they say, “you can’t keep doing the same things over and over and expect different results.”

My ‘Radical Self Love’ Academy is not a quick band-aid for people who aren’t prepared to do what it takes to heal themselves, it’s for women READY to embody a new way of experiencing life.

I wish for you to be able to love yourself, so much that you’ll do whatever it takes to get well, happy, confident and believe in yourself to change your life…. for you to make the necessary lifestyle changes so you don’t keep on recreating the same pain, problems or patterns.

Are you ready to do whatever it takes to change your life??  Even if it’s inconvenient and sometimes challenging??

I chose to make myself a high priority and transformed severe anxiety, addiction, past abuse & trauma. I also became debt-free and lost 20 kilos.

Obviously it’s the BEST decision I’ve ever made and I would love to be part of supporting you on your journey creating your new incredible life’


Radical Self-Love Academy ~ Women’s Only Transformational Program.

A deep dive into transforming all areas of your life with self-love, personal power, spirituality, trust in your intuition and the universe, manifestation, success, and creating harmony in your relationship to yourself, your body and with others.

A time to move from surviving to really THRIVING in all areas of your life as you ‘become your best self’.

Are you ready to let go of the low self-esteem, self-hatred or judgement, the inner mean girl, self-sabotage, self-punishment, guilt, victim consciousness, boundaries, people pleasing, resentments, fear and anxiety?

This specially designed, self-paced 6-month program (that stays open to you for 12 months) will teach you how to gain self-confidence, self-love, joy, peace and to manifest abundance.

All Members will have access to the Academy and all content for a full 12-months.

Module 1 - Love and Relationships with Others

Put in the work and learn to let go of any past resentments holding you back. This module will teach you that forgiveness and learning to let go is the only way to truly heal your heart. Choosing to ignore it is like drinking poison and will always come to haunt you eventually. This module will also address what healthy love is and how to give & receive love if your past is holding you back.

Module 2 - Love and Relationship with Yourself

The most important relationship in your life is the relationship with yourself. This module focuses on self-love, self-acceptance and self-appreciation. Learn how to silence your inner critic and love yourself wholeheartedly.

Module 3 - Health and Well-being

This module focuses on all elements of your health. We’ll focus on things like body image, weight, energy and any other chronic injuries/illnesses. We’ll discuss why people choose to self-sabotage and how to put an end to these types of behaviors. Also, you'll learn a bit about metaphysics and how to listen to your body when she is speaking to you.

Module 4 - Success and Money

Is something blocking your abundance & prosperity? This module focuses on your relationship to money and success. It helps you identify where the blockages are coming from and also provides you with fun manifestation activities to help with attracting abundance.

Module 5 - Self-Esteem and Personal Power

Self-doubt is very good at putting people into a slump. The idea that you aren’t good enough may lead to you being too scared to go after your goals at all. This module focuses on taking you out of your comfort zone and returning you to your full power so that you are ready for all the success you can dream of!

Module 6 - Spirituality and Intuition

The universe is all around you and if you really listen and pay attention to the signs, it can guide you down an amazing path. This module focuses on learning to live in the moment, while also helping you become one with your intuition. Learn to surrender, let go and trust that the universe has your back!

Testimonials from my 4-week pilot program ....

Imagine what can happen in 6-months together!

If this resonates and you feel a soul urge ..

Contact me for a free Discovery Call to see if we are a great fit!


The following pre-sale pricing is available until 30 April 2021.



$ 59 per month
for 6-months
  • Access to RSLA and all units, bonus, video content and Facebook lives, etc.
  • Access to RSLA and all content for 12-months
  • No group or private coaching included.



$ 99 per month
for 6-months
  • 6-monthly group healings and coaching sessions of ThetaHealing & Reiki. A great chance to ask questions and also share with the other women.
  • Access to RSLA and all content for 12-months
  • All units, bonuses, video content and Facebook lives.
  • Q & A’s in the Facebook group.



$ 499 per month
over 6-months or $2,500 upfront
  • Only 6 spots available (2 spots left)
  • Access to RSLA and all content for 12-months
  • 6-months private coaching with me fortnightly, including ThetaHealing sessions. (12 sessions in total)
  • Personalised Soul Work
  • Weekly checkins: via text, email or phone calls, to keep you on track.
  • Unlimited access to me for help and support over text or email Monday to Friday
Save $494 with upfront price
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