Release Lifetimes of Limiting Vows

Free Yourself From Past-Life Trauma, Patterns and Blockages

I am deeply passionate about past-life work as I’ve seen the incredible transformations that occur when we free ourselves from the past-life pain and trauma imprints that keep us stuck from truly moving forward. 

I have seen it time and time again, heal relationships, clear blocks to abundance and create huge shifts of elevation and expansion where sometimes there have been repeated blockages no matter how much work or healing you seem to do!

Past-Life Healing really is a big gift to yourself and your spiritual evolution.


 Past-Life healing powerfully creates  a  bridge between releasing your  unwanted vows, (especially the vow of poverty) , blocks, patterns and habits to  create meaningful lives , relationships and professions in your present day life.

Most Karmic patterns are held at and activated in your Light-body level — the subtle soul level that exists beyond your physical, emotional and mental bodies. These Light-body patterns include the residual imprinting from solemn vows you have taken in other lifetimes. They can also come in with your holographic family lineages and generational patterns.

The more you grow in your conscious evolution towards the higher frequencies of light and spirit, the more your old spiritual vows become reactivated.

So the more you clear these old patterns, vows and ties from your subtle levels, the more effective you will become in your present day lives.

If you feel like you have blocks or recurring patterns in your life that are limiting you from becoming and having what you desire in life then it is very likely you have past-life vows or trauma  blocking the way. We know how powerful belief systems are in creating our current lives and some of the beliefs you have running are from your past lives as well as from your current life.

In a Past-Life Karmic Release session we will spend 2.5 hours together.

 We find the past-life vows, curses, programs and beliefs that you have running to powerfully release them,  with a past-life regression and healing session using  a combination of Kinesiology, Reiki & Theta Healing.

It’s an amazing and eye opening process to see what vows you have running and to be able to look back at this lifetime and clearly see how they have been effecting your life or lives, (relating to the intention you are working with), to clear any past trauma from that life and free you from the karma of repeating further in this or future lifetimes.


For more info or to book in a session please get in touch.

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