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Accredited Kinesiology Courses at Thrive Naturally

I am so honoured and grateful to be an  Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Instructor sharing these incredible accredited courses, created by Denise Robinson – Kinesiologist and Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Modality Founder.

I started my journey to becoming a kinesiologist in 2015 and started studying with Denise at By The Bay Kinesiology back in 2016 and out of all the courses I have studied over the past 6 years (and believe me there have been MANY!) Denise’s have by far remain my favourite and I have repeated most of them 2-3 times and her manuals are the ONLY ones I actually use in my clinic for kinesiology sessions.

The profound way you learn to connect with your body through learning about metaphysics and the emotional root causes that are creating your symptoms or issues is incredibly powerful both for yourself and your future clients. 

You will learn to understand your body and also be able to tap into your subconscious mind to learn hidden messages and be able to clear limiting programs, beliefs and behaviours and more…. to then create magnetic goals for yourself and your clients to be able to live your dreams & desires to really THRIVE!

Being a Kinesiologist can seriously feel like MAGIC.

Kinesiology has changed my life for the better in sooo many incredible ways…. pre 2013 before I discovered kinesiology for the first time, I had debilitating anxiety, addictions and was 15kgs heavier, in a crazy amount of debt, and even though surface level I thought I was happy, I was actually in an avoidance and denial pattern. Kinesiology has given me so much self-awareness and aha moments and helped me totally transform myself on sooo many levels to create a much better life for myself with lots of abundance & happiness, and the stressful humps are so much breezier to ride.

Learning Kinesiology for your own spiritual growth and evolution is the best gift you could ever give yourself! 

And if you decide to be a Kinesiologist that’s an even bigger gift by supporting others to heal, grow and flourish in their own lives.

Whether you are wanting to start a new career by being a kinesiologist, you are already a kinesiologist and would like to add-on to your tool belt or you want to add to an existing modality or as part as your own evolution and spiritual journey…..  I invite you to study with me!

Come and do one or all of these incredible workshops: Kineasy Intro course, Mastery of the Five Elements Core Essence & Character, Meridian Rivers of Chi Kinesiology, Chakra Healing Kinesiology, Transpersonal Chakra Kinesiology  & Aura Balancing Kinesiology  (Pre-requisites to classes are noted below)

Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology offers a complete streamlined Kinesiology Pathway to ensure your journey to becoming a Kinesiologist is easy, affordable and fulfilling – all in under 10 months. Our unique style of teaching aims to help students to incorporate everything they learn into a thriving kinesiology practice at a portion of the cost you would expect to pay at a college.

How it works is you will be able to enjoy doing the Emotions and Metaphysical courses through me and then you will do your online Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Practitioner Certification Program with Denise Robinson to get your qualifications to become a successful kinesiologist.

Kinesiology Courses


Event Description: This super fun two-day Kineasy Intro Course is a fantastic introduction into the magical world of Kinesiology. You will learn the incredible process of muscle reflex testing which you can use as a healing tool for yourself, family, friends or perhaps to start your journey to become a Kinesiologist. This course is also a fantastic add-on to existing modalities if you are a practitioner and would like an extra tool to use with you clients.

During this course you will learn the fundamentals of kinesiology in a hands-on intimate & supportive environment with simple and easy to follow processes to understand kinesiology and the muscle testing process. You will also be able to tap into your body and your body’s needs with great awareness and understanding with self-muscle testing.

You will also have fun facilitating several mini kinesiology balances using lots of fun natural healing remedies such as essential oils, flower essences, colour and sound. which I’m sure will have you leaving feeling inspired and excited.

If it is your path to becoming a Certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Practitioner, I will be honoured to support you in that process with kindness and compassion.

Prerequisite: None. Everyone is welcome

Investment:  $800 inc GST 

Certified: 27 hours  Attendance: 16 hours


Event Description:   Mastery of the Five Elements Core Essence and Character course is held over 2 days and encompasses the Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. As we flow through the weekend you will learn in detail about the characteristics of all of the elements and how they play out in the world around you, with others and within you, your mind and thoughts. 

This is definitely a super fun course learning about how the elements effect your character and how you look physically and see things in life, plus all your interesting personality traits. You will learn how to do element constitutional profiling including what element you are and what this means in your life! 

I can guarantee after this weekend life will never be the same as you’ll constantly be trying to work out what people’s core essence is. (When you think about star sign or numerology profiling, this is more in depth regarding your physical constitution and your personality traits and how you live in this world) 

It’s a great tool for you to have with your clients, of course but also makes a huge difference in understanding the different relationships in your life.

You will also learn Acupressure Points (Yay) plus heaps of other natural remedies that are used to shift energy around the Five Elements to gain optimal balance in the body.  

Prerequisite: Kineasy Intro Course

Investment: $800 inc. GST 

Certified: 31 hours. Attendance: 16 hours


Event Description:  Meridian Rivers of Chi Kinesiology course is held over 4 days and provides an in-depth knowledge of the 14 meridian lines in the body:  Central, Governing, Stomach, Spleen, Heart, Small Intestine, Bladder, Kidney, Pericardium, Triple Warmer, Gall Bladder, Liver, Lung, Large Intestine.

You will learn about their function in relationship to the organs, elements, emotional attributes, peak hours of day, paired organ, colour, physical branches, attributes and the function of each meridian in detail including the Emotional and Physical indications of an imbalanced and balanced meridian physical relevance and metaphors. Awareness of the emotional connection to the meridians is discovered and an imperative part of the journey. 

You will be able to feel the Chi move through your fingers as you learn many different ways to work with acupressure points on the body, and the meridian lines. There are  soooooo many fun techniques and remedies to bring them back into balance, such as…. Acupressure points; Neuro-Emotional reflex points; Essential Oils; Crystals; Colour; Sound; Flower Essences; Nutrition; Affirmations; Activities/Spiritual Practices; Shamanic Healing Tools; Emotional Stress Release (ESR); Oracle/Healing Cards; Moxibustion; Elephant Warmer and Tiger Warmer…plus more!

Prerequisite: Kineasy & Mastery of the Five Elements 

Investment: $1,600 inc. GST 

Certified: 47 hours    Attendance: 32 hours


Event Description:  In this two-day Chakra Healing Kinesiology course you will learn all about the 7 main chakras in depth. 

Chakra means a spinning wheel or vortex and they are the main energy centres of our body, and some say it’s like they all have their own mini brain.  Each of our Chakras not only effect our emotions and mood they also affect our organs and glans of the body. When you have blockages within your chakras it can have a big effect on your health, your emotions and how you live and create in life from your connection to source and your intuition, to your abundance and success.

You will learn detailed information on each of the chakras, including their location, colour, element, identity, purpose, rights, shadow, sound, qualities, life issues and emotional/physical/spiritual properties of a balanced and imbalanced chakra.  

We will use these wonderful vibrational remedies to clear and balance the chakras: essential oils, crystals, sound, colour, flower essences, nutrition, affirmations, pendulum, etc. 

Prerequisite:  Kineasy Intro Course 

Investment:  $800 inc GST  

Certified: 31 hours   Attendance: 16 hours


Event Description: This two-day Transpersonal Chakra Kinesiology course enlightens your path as we explore the six Transpersonal Chakras – Earth Star, Causal, Soul Star, Stellar Gateway, Universal and Divine Gateway. 

These chakras connect you from the deepest roots of the core of the Earth and your genetics, DNA and ancestors – through to your Soul energy, blueprint, universal connection and the highest Divine source possible. 

Balancing these chakras brings lessons, genetic history and karmic patterns to the surface while activating soul acceptance, enlightenment, awareness, connection, unity and your spiritual truth and purpose.

You will have fun playing with energy and working off the body, it’ll sometimes feel like you are playing with air and you might wonder how it’s all working, but I can guarantee that you will be blown away at the profound results. 

Some of the healing remedies: used for these processes are: Crystals, Essential Oils, Chakra Balancing Sprays & Oils, Colour, Sound, Flower Essences, Aura-Soma Colour Infused Oils, Oracle/Healing Cards, Affirmation, Activities & Spiritual Practices, Shells & Feathers, Shamanic Healing Tools, Crystal Pendulums, Figure 8’s, Spiral Energy, Hands-on Energy Healing, Emotional Stress Release (ESR).

Prerequisite: Kineasy & Chakra Healing Kinesiology 

Investment: $800 inc. GST  

Certified: 31 hours   Attendance: 16 hours


Event Description:  Auras are a huge part of our energy field and such an important part of our health and wellbeing, and so often can be overlooked in so many healing practices. 

Fun fact… did you know you can hold dis-ease (potential illness) in your aura for up to 9 months before it manifests on the physical level. That is why it is so important to regularly balance and clear your auric field. If you are an empath or sensitive you know all too well about picking up other people’s energy, as we can often be in hanging around literally in other people’s auras it is easy to take on their “stuff” especially if you are close to them. You can also sometimes attract negative energies and attachments into your field, so it is important to know how to clear them for yourself and your clients. 

In this two-day enlightening and captivating Aura Balancing Kinesiology course we will dive deep into the 7 aura layers including their appearance, purpose, connection, attributes, qualities and emotions and how auras effect everything in our life.  You will discover aura colours, shapes and symbols and will work with clearing negative energy fields and attachments plus use powerful remedies to cleanse auras including balancing sprays, crystals, essential oils, sound, colour, water infusion, Palo Santo, orgonite, sage, sacred geometry, Aura-Soma, EMF’s, Feng Shui + 

Connect to your light body and delve into the depths of each individual aura and gain a deeper insight to allow you to radiate your best light energy into the world.

Prerequisite: Kineasy & Chakra Healing Kinesiology 

Investment: $800 inc. GST   

Certified: 31 hours   Attendance: 16 hours


Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Certification Training Program ~ Online

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ (EMK) Practitioner and beginning your new career as a Kinesiologist? 

This finishing program is the final step to becoming qualified and setting up your Kinesiology business as a certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Practitioner.

Following on from our six Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ courses (delivered in-person & online), this unique Kinesiology Practitioner Certification Training Program will tie everything together for you, so you will feel competent, confident, professional and experienced as a Kinesiology Practitioner and also a Mind, Body, Soul Wellbeing Workshop Facilitator – all in under 10 months! So, if starting in February complete by November and for mid-year enrolments it will take you till November the following year.

Upon completion of our six accredited Kinesiology courses and this 80 hour online Kinesiology Practitioner Certification Training Program you will not only have all the Kinesiology skills to connect with clients, run empowering Kinesiology sessions, build a successful Kinesiology practice and be able to confidently market yourself but you will also be equipped with everything you need to know to facilitate our eight heart-centred Mind, Body, Soul Wellbeing Workshops either in-person or online.


By The Bay Kinesiology’s (BTBK) Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Practitioner Certification Training Program is unique and purposefully created to build confidence and support students and practitioners to start and build their kinesiology practice with a strong Kinesiology foundation. This program encompasses everything needed to setup and run your own full-time business, sharing your craft as a successful Kinesiology Practitioner including:

  • Communication tools to connect with clients
  • Clinic database, protocols & session sheet
  • Understanding emotional connections in the body
  • Ability to read metaphors of dis-ease
  • Business management, administration, systems and processes
  • Marketing & advertising strategies
  • Online presence
  • Facilitating online sessions

    During this online learning program, you will be trained by successful business owner of By The Bay Kinesiology®, Denise Robinson, Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Founder, Course Author, Trainer, Instructor and Assessor. This program is made up of the following six empowering modules:

1 – Kinesiology Fundamentals
2 – Emotions & Metaphors
3 – Mind, Body, Soul Wellbeing Workshop Series
4 – Communication
5 – Marketing, Advertising and Business Management
6 – Online Sessions & Wrap Up

On completion of this life-changing program you will be recognised as a ‘Certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Practitioner’ and starting your bright, new career as a passionate and knowledgeable Kinesiologist where you can share your talents while holding a safe sacred space for others to heal in your Kinesiology sessions. Denise shares her knowledge openly with participants, and you will also have the opportunity to connect, learn, grow and evolve with like-minded practitioners during the program.As a Certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Practitioner and a Mind, Body, Soul Wellbeing Workshop Facilitator, you will flourish sharing your love of Kinesiology plus health and healing information through facilitating our unique heart-centred three-hour Mind, Body & Soul Wellbeing Workshops. These workshops were created by Denise Robinson as a result of her experience in clinic and targeted towards depression, no energy, anxiety, stress, sleep issues, money worries, headaches and difficulty connecting to our beautiful loving hearts.


  • You will learn in a small intimate environment capped at groups of 8 for lots of specialised support and attention. 
  • I am extremely passionate about teaching and sharing the incredible gift of kinesiology and teach in a fun, joyful and compassionate way.
  • You will learn about Metaphysics to be able to understand what your body is trying to communicate to you. You will learn techniques to tap into the emotional cause to allow healing at deep levels in all physical and energetic layers of the body, mind & soul.
  • You have the opportunity to learn the range of diverse Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ courses on offer from the basics and foundations of Kinesiology for beginners with the Kineasy Intro. Course, through to the more advanced courses covering  Metaphors and Emotional Connections in the Body, Five Elements, Meridians, Chakras, Transpersonal Chakras and Auras, to give you a broad range of energy systems to work with, healing skills, techniques and remedies.
  • Affordable – choose your own study pace and attend which courses you want to study when it suits you. Pay as you go with flexible payment instalments available, if needed.
  • Courses include the most up to date information presented in clear, comprehensive colour course training manuals which include kinesiology balancing protocols and session sheet templates for ease- of-use at home or in your own clinic environment. Well laid out in-class Practical Assessments; Easy to follow and complete Case Study Templates to use at home; Straight forward online open book Short Answer and Multiple-Choice Assessments.
  • Focus on Client-Practitioner connection with realistic, empowering and intentional goals incorporated into all Kinesiology courses, plus communication and counselling and NLP techniques, encouraging deep profound kinesiology sessions and healings.
  • Learn skills to tap into and activate all the senses of perception – sight, touch, smell, taste, sound and intuit – which in turn brings awareness to the blocks and heightens the balance and healing experience.
  • Practical hands-on approach with lots of easy-to-follow step-by-step demonstrations showing every technique and remedy used in each course with ample question and answer time and plenty of practice time on massage tables with other students within the group to integrate the techniques learned.
  • Enjoy learning, connecting with and using natural remedies that tap into all our senses including essential oils, crystals, colour, flower essences, balancing sprays & oils, sound, acupressure, nutrition, oracle healing cards plus a heap more in the advanced kinesiology courses to bring out metaphors and awareness as part of the session.
  • The opportunity to be a part of the unique comprehensive 80-hour online Kinesiology Practitioner Certification Training Program with Denise Robinson at By The Bay KInesiology which will provide you with all the tools to setup your very own kinesiology business and be seen as a confident, experienced and practicing Certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Practitioner and a Mind, Body, Soul Wellbeing Workshop Facilitator. Be fully certified, insured and practicing in your own professional Kinesiology business as an Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology™ Practitioner with confidence and integrity in 10 months!
  • Connect with like-minded beautiful souls, make lifelong connections and friendships and be included in our private student Facebook group to stay connected, informed and supported on your kinesiology journey.


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