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Kineasy Intro Course


I invite you to join in this super fun and eye opening two-day Kineasy Intro Course that will hopefully change your life as incredibly as it has mine. As we tap into the subconscious mind you will have amazing awareness and aha moments as we uncover the hidden messages within the body. I truly think after this course you will never see your body or life again in exactly the same way. 

You will learn how to powerfully shift old patterns, blocks, negative thought forms, beliefs and behaviours as we clear away stresses and imbalances in your mind, body and soul to have you feeling inspired, energised and more at ease and flow in your life as you can align your conscious goals. 

Kineasy is a fantastic introduction into the magical world of Kinesiology.  You will learn the incredible process of muscle reflex testing which you can use as a healing tool for yourself, family, friends or perhaps to start your journey to become a Kinesiologist. This course is also a fantastic add on to existing modalities if you are already a practitioner of some kind and would like an extra tool to use with you clients

During this course you will learn the fundamentals of kinesiology in a hands-on intimate & supportive environment with simple and easy to follow processes to understand kinesiology and the muscle testing process. You will also will have fun facilitating  several mini kinesiology balances with lots of beautiful  natural healing remedies such as essential oils, flower essences, colour and sound. which i’m sure will have you leaving feeling lit up and excited.

You will also be able to tap into your body and your body’s unique needs with great awareness and understanding with self muscle-testing.  With Self  muscle testing you  will be able to test yourself for stress imbalances, emotions, foods, vitamins and remedies and so much more?

If it is your path to becoming a Certified Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology Practitioner, I will be honoured to support you in that process with kindness and compassion.

Kineasy Intro Course

This powerful two-day accredited Kinesiology introductory course was developed by Emotions and Metaphysical Kinesiology modality founder, Denise Robinson, who is a successful Kinesiologist ,of over 20years, Instructor and Mentor. She created this empowering Kinesiology introductory course to enable anyone in the community or for health practitioners (Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Shiatsu Therapists, Myotherapists, Massage Therapists, Homeopaths, Nurses, etc.) to learn this amazing healing tool. 

A detailed, comprehensive and easy to use 70+ page colour manual accompanies this course. The Kineasy Intro Course provides a strong foundation of muscle testing skills and is a fantastic beginner course into the wonderful and amazing world of kinesiology.

You will see how powerful and accurate the subconscious mind and the body are during this uplifting, fun and fulfilling course. Come and be inspired, energised and have your heart fulfilled during this life-changing weekend with us!

(This course is a pre-requisite for Chakra Healing Kinesiology, Mastery of the Five Elements Core Essence and Character, Meridian Rivers of Chi Kinesiology, Transpersonal Chakra Kinesiology & Aura Balancing Kinesiology)

If you would like to know more about our Kineasy Intro. Course take a look at our 5-minute YouTube video below explaining exactly what we cover in our empowering Kinesiology beginner’s course.


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