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Join my signature 4 week  program to experience amazing benefits of Bioresonance. This is a  unique 1:1 experience for your specific needs. 

Includes 2 x weekly ez scan with homeopathics and harmonies to listen to for 4 weeks and  an 1 X i hour zoom appointment with me 

Investment  is $333

Or  $799 for 3 months. Afterpay available at a 6% surcharge.

When our bodies eat foods that they are allergic or sensitive to it takes a huge amount of energy for the body to break it down and process it. Those foods will also cause inflammation in the body and can cause chronic illness over time, its not just an instant tummy ache or nausea that means you have an issue with a food. Sleep, hydration, menstral cycles, illness, hangovers etc can all change the way we receive food, when you are well things can be fine and when rundown you maybe sensitive to certain things.

We will text you weekly over a 4 week period and then have a zoom consultation on the last week to compare your scans and see the trends and patterns of what you need to avoid to be healthy. Cost is $199

Our fur babies give us soooo much love and sooooo much healing, while doing that unfortunately take on a lot of our stuff so it’s important they receive healing and clearing as well.

They will receive 4 weeks of a combination of Distant Reiki healing and Bioresonance. Each week we will do a new scan and optimisation which will create new healing harmonics for your fur baby to listen to. You will also have an eyeopening report of what is going on with your pets vitals and chakras. 

Cost is $299 or just Bioresonace without Reiki is $129

Using a combination of Reiki and Bioresonance Distant healing, you will receive a week of clearing away negative energies and then  imprinting of your new energy such as abundance, wealth, success, prosperity, determination, unlimited creativity, stress free, relationship enhancement and more. 

This will be done on your physical business location and on your online platforms such as website, facebook and instagram pages. 

Cost is $220

Using my fave power combo of Reiki & Bioresonance Distant healing, you will receive a week clearing away all negative energies and entities that maybe on your house and land. Then you will be able to imprint your home with frequencies in your highest and best good such as peace, tranquility, stress free, gratitude, love, forgiveness etc 

cost is $175

Sometimes with life’s ups and downs our relationships may need a helping hand.

Using a combination of Distant Reiki healing and Bioresonance we will clear out the aura you have as a couple/family  and balance your couple chakras. We will energetically clear toxic energy from the relationship and then imprint in a new vibration such as love, forgiveness, gratitude, resolve, inner peace, stress free, relationship enhancement etc 

You will both also receive Inner voice scan, report and harmonies to listen and help bring in balance.

Can be used for your romantic relationship or for family, friends, business partners etc

Cost is $220

*DISCLAIMER: AO Scan Technology is not a medical device. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

I have spent a lifetime wondering who I am and why I feel the way I do, I’m sure so many other people feel this way too .. So much time searching for answers, reasons, explanations or a just a quick fix .. always resulting in disappointment
Then I was blessed with Belle – such a gifted, patient & truly amazing woman and her Bio resonance boot camp – Let me tell you, I was nervous and maybe a little sceptical but now !! I’m all in During this 4 weeks the symptoms of my auto immune disease have lessened, I have slept through a WHOLE  night ( 8 uninterrupted hours ) I have been blessed, held accountable, released emotions and blocks I didn’t even know I was holding onto, laughed, cried & been soothed by my daily harmonics .. Too say this was life changing is an understatement – what I can say is that I am looking forward to waking up in the morning being me & taking on each and every day moving forward .. It’s has been such a long time since I have felt this excitement /joy for life .. Looking forward to my next month of self discovery and healing Lots of love to you Belle & thank you x


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