My Ultimate Energetic Alignment Method

Rewire to a new frequency of health, living your life in a powerful way!

Commences 1st April - 23rd June

Access & Utilise Your Full Potential and step into the highest version of you with my Ultimate Energetic Alignment Method

My approach with this unique intensive moves beyond conventional mindset adjustments and dives deep into your core to release your internal resistance, blocks, limitations, self doubts and self sabotage patterns and rewire the connection between your mind and nervous system aligning you with your higher self and higher purpose.

This powerful container works with your subconscious mind and will provide mental, emotional and spiritual shifts that will provide the complete embodiment of living your life to your highest potential, leading to sustainable, meaningful change in your health, wealth and relationships with yourself and others, as you live in alignment with universal flow.

Are you ready to expand your capacity to receive and step into being the highest version of yourself??

I will share with you the accumulation of the many  tools and methods  I have learnt on my journey with powerful processes and activations to calibrate your system and accelerate real physical results to manifest the health, energy, relationships and business success you have always dreamed of!

We all can have past and present causes for the physical, emotional and chemical stresses happening in our bodies that over time have caused many layers of distress and blockages in both our physical and energetic bodies, this often leads to system breakdowns, especially in your nervous system.  This can result in you feelings of heaviness, exhaustion, overwhelm, overthinking, lack of self esteem and not feeling good enough, or just not even having enough energy to even feel aligned with living your purpose, and on a physical level you may have several physical illness going on along with gut health & hormonal issues.

 There can be sooo many onion layers of pain, stress and limiting beliefs to move through which is why it takes time and consistent energy and soul work, along with a deep desire to prioritise your healing to achieve growth and expansion.

To make permanent change, YOU will need to decide to take responsibility for your own well-being, and  to  make the effort to make changes, even when  parts of you maybe resisting the changes. Temporary discomfort is so worth the lasting rewards on the other side rather then choosing not to change cos its easier?? 

Choosing not to change is a choice to stay the same.!  As they say, “You can’t keep doing the same things over and over and expect different results.”

Your system is  either in STRESS mode – freeze, fight or flight, or you are in REST & REPAIR mode, but you absolutely  CANNOT  do both at the same time. So if you are wanting to be well on all levels there is a priority of healing your nervous system so that the body can get out of the accelerated stress state and feel safe to start healing and repairing.

My Unique Energetic Alignment Method  is designed to be Retreat style where we will get you out of stress mode and into healing mode, ready to release your struggles and blocks that are keeping your perception of being limited and small in any way, and we will rewire & upgrade your nervous system which will dramatically change how you are feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually to fully utilise your highest potential.

Everything we will be doing specifically builds on each other as we go through our journey of healing together just like I create in my special retreats but in this program we get to go even deeper and spend 12 weeks together and you will be empowered by learning many, many tools to allow yourself to never come back to this current state of being again and move forwards with leaps and bounds to health and wellness which in turn creates abundance and success.

We are holistic beings, so to create successful, meaningful and fulfilling lives we need to work on all areas of our lives… health, relationships and money to live in alignment and truly shine.

If we have poor health and low energy it is very hard to create abundance and success because your need to rest and heal will take priority over the push and action to make money, your relationship with yourself and others can also effect your health and wealth which is why it is important to work on all 3 areas of your life……. watch how quickly your money and business success accelerates once you have a happy nervous system and the health and energy to share with others.

I sincerely wish for you to be able to love yourself, so much that you’ll do what it takes to get healthy and energised, to manifest your dream life & create  MAGIC, instead of  recreating the same pain, problems and patterns.

Let’s put it this way….. You cannot decide to  run a marathon and do so after your first day of jogging,  you will not loose weight after one day of dieting or being at the gym…… healing and change takes time and its easy to break new habits and revert back to your old past patterning. Thats why the support of a program really is life changing at helping you achieve your goals and desires.

I chose to make myself a high priority and transformed my life and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made, I encourage you to choose YOU and invest in yourself too!

‘By joining My Unique Energetic Alignment Intensive for rapid healing & transformation you will create optimal health, wealth & happiness, living your life in alignment and flow able to truly shine.’

“Align & Shine” is a unique 12 week program designed with the best of the best that has helped me transform so much over the years with a powerful combination of Lifestyle recommendations, Energetic clearing and Subconscious belief transformation to achieve higher vibrational states.

In Align & Shine  expect to experience a mix of Energy Healing modalities such as Bioresonance Therapy, Reiki, Kinesiology, PSYCHK, ThetaHealing, Guided Meditation, Active Consciousness Meditation, Breathwork and Kundalini Yoga.


Below are very special prices for the release of my exciting new program!

Early Bird prices available till 29th February will be going up to $1111 group program and $2222 for the 1:1 intensive



$2235 $ 888
  • Fortnighly Group Energy Clearing Sessions - womens circle, Retreat style vibes, community & connection
  • Bioresonance Therapy - Weekly Scans, Harmonics, homeopathics, Monday to Friday frequencies broadcast to you to support your health, relationships, self love & confidence, abundance to assist you staying in living in alignment.
  • Learn some life changing self care, self healing energy tools.
  • Weekly Soul Work Activation actions & Lifestyle recommendations for high vibe living and to keep you conciously aligned to your dream goals.
  • Subconscious belief transformation audio recordings. (you can use these daily to really empower you & make your desires aligned in your conscious reality)
  • Kundalini Yoga



$3895 $ 1888
  • Included is absolutely everything in the group program.... plus more!
  • Uniquely customized coaching plan, tailored to your specific needs.
  • 3 x 120 min sessions, of a combination of Powerful subconscious belief transformation mindset mentouring sessions & Energy Therapy, clearing and alignment balances.
  • 2 x Bioresonance Therapy consultations
  • Weekly texts or emails & unlimited support and accountability. (I love to be your biggest cheerleader & giving you the occasional nudge you need.)
  • 3 x Personalised subconscious belief transformation audio recordings. (you get to keep these forever and can use daily to really empower you & make your dreams and desires aligned in your conscious reality.)

I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that your success in living your life to its highest potential can be found through this special 12 week intensive. It really is a powerful, unique and fun program to have you stepping into your power and purpose with confidence, ease & flow.

I used to feel very insecure & scared of everything in a constant state of burn out and overwhelm, always feeling unwell and out of balance. With the special combination of modalities used in this container I have been able to create a magnetic energy, balance & flow allowing me to show up and live my purpose which is to serve and support others to live there lives in alignment and flow so they can truly shine!.

The Finer Details

The group will be held in a facebook container with a combination of pre recorded educational, life changing videos, meditation and subconscious belief transformation to creating new neural pathways for lasting change, and live zoom catch ups with me for some Kundalini Yoga and Group Energy Therapy sessions which will be a variety of all of my fantastic modalities as we journey through the immersion. 

In the program we will work on your physical health and vitality, your relationship with yourself and with others and creating success and abundance through living in alignment with your purpose.

Group Healing sessions will be held Wednesday evenings 7-8.30 pm for those that need after work hours and 10am – 11.30am for those that prefer school hours sessions and recordings will be available if you need to miss a session for any reason.

Please contact me with any questions, I look forward to supporting you in creating your dream life and  living your highest potential!

Are you ready to get into aligned action and live from an aligned place creating success??

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