Clear Your Blocks to Abundance

Abundance Alignment Package

I’ve been tuning into what people need and universally there seems to be many abundance block issues. Spirit has shown me and downloaded this wonderful gift of this abundance alignment coaching program. 

Included is 4 powerful sessions all to be done 1-2 weeks apart.  There will also be Soul work and Activation actions to be done in between sessions. 

First you will receive a 75-minutes Energy Therapy session where I mostly use Reiki and Theta Healing to clear and align your energy bodies and aura. This includes clearing of entities, repairing holes in your aura and returning soul fragments, to get you spiritually healthy and vibrating at a higher frequency. 

The second session will be a journey into past lives releasing outdated vows or curses that maybe blocking you in this lifetime. This will be a 2.5 hour Past Life Re-patterning Karmic Release.

(Visit Past life Karmic-Release page for full details) 

Next session will be a Kinesiology session to balance any abundance blocks you may have received from different circumstances during this lifetime and to assist in bringing forth new goals that support your spiritual evolution. 

Once we have cleared your blocks on all timelines and dimensions we will complete your Abundance Alignment journey with a 60-minutes PSYCH-K® session to install your new abundance belief systems and programs.

You will receive:

  • Your own personally Kinesiology-tested Abundance Alignment Essential Oil roll-on.
  • Flower essence potion to suit your unique needs.
  • Theta Healing Abundance downloads recording.
  • Chakra cleansing meditation recording.
  • Manifesting Abundance meditation recording.

(For the online programs, the Essential Oil Roll-ons and Flower essence potion will be posted within Australia,) 

All programs are available in person and online. 

Cost is $555 (Value $800)

*All sessions must be completed within a 4-8 week period.

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